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5 Tips to Cut Out Added Sugar

i think i’m addicted to sugar. i really can’t remember the last day that i didn’t have something that wasn’t sweet and i’m not talking something that is naturally sweet i’m talking about the sweets that aren’t good for you. coming right off of easter and the loads of candy that filled our baskets, my mom loves to overdo it and i love her for that, doesn’t make it any easier to stay away. it makes sense that i could have a sugar addiction as i love myself a sweet treat; candy, ice cream, a donut, you name it if it’s sweet i probably could be tempted to have one, scientists have found that sugar is addictive and actually stimulates the same pleasure centers of the brain as heroin and cocaine (source). i’ve tried cutting out sweets before and it didn’t work, but here i am attempting to do it all over again. i felt by putting it out here where everyone can see will hopefully help me stay more accountable. in order for me to …

5 Ways to Feel More Accomplished

i don’t know about you but when my house is cluttered or i am not getting things checked off my never-ending to-do list i start to get anxious and it actually makes me feel extremely unmotivated. clutter in your home makes for clutter in your life; at least it does for me. however, i feel like i always have a little bit more energy in the springtime. maybe it’s because the days are longer and lighter or the fact that we can get outside a little bit more, either way i am checking things off of my to-do list one by one. spring cleaning is in full affect around here. today i am going to share some tips with you that help me stay motivated. 1. wake up early. although it may be hard to do sometimes try to set an alarm and wake up early. i always feel more productive on days that i am up starting my day rather than sleeping in. 2. to-do lists are your friend. i am a list maker. i have too …

Monday Must Haves: Easter Edition

one week until easter! it really snuck up on me this year being at the end of march instead of april. that means it’s time for me…i mean the easter bunny to get those baskets filled and ready for hiding. i always look forward to easter because to me it also means the start of spring; warmer weather, longer days and fresh starts. this year we are looking forward to egg hunts, time with family and church on easter sunday. i wanted to share a few items we will be adding to lennon’s basket this year in case you needed a few ideas for the littles in your life! book: reading has always been something that i love to do and it is really important to me that lennon spends time reading books too. she already has developed such a love for stories and it warms my heart when she pulls a book off the shelf and settles in my lap for story time. whether it be a birthday, christmas or easter i always love …

Holiday Gift Guide / 05

today is the last installment of my holiday gift guides. christmas is literally right around the corner, so if you don’t want to be too last minute you better hurry up and get those items crossed off your list. my gifts are bought, but i have a lot of wrapping to do; not the easiest thing with a puppy and kitty who love wrapping paper and a big ole bump in my way, though i have a feeling we’ll manage. today’s gift guide is all about those tweens and teens. the ones who are too grown up for all the kiddie toys, but not yet into “adulthood”. i hope this guide helps you find something perfect to slip under the tree for that special boy or girl. 1. crosley cruiser portable turntable, $79.99 2. fender acoustic guitar, $119.99 3. leather journal, $35 4. ear buds, $16 5. essie nail polish, winter collection, $17 6. fujifilm instax mini 8 polaroid camera, $89.99 7. barnes and noble gift card 8. music on vinyl, $22.98 9. united states license plate puzzle, $12.99 10. longboard, $69.99

Holiday Gift Guide / 04

today’s gift guide focuses on the sweet little ones in your life who are big girls and boys, no longer babies. it was really fun putting this gift guide together, kids toys are so much fun. i definitely had my nieces and nephew in mind when trying to come up with the perfect gifts. i am completely obsessed with the little wooden fishing set and will have to keep my eye on it for when baby girl schutz is a bit older. if you are at a loss for what to get (which how could you be with all of the options) books, art supplies and musical instruments are truly a win-win and loved by all. i hope you find something to inspire your gift giving this year through these guides! 1. wooden fishing set, $38 2. wooden toy camera, $40 3. wild things crown, $42 4. hunter rain boots, $50 5. teepee, $185 6. art easel, $49.99 7. book, $12.24 8. tool set, $17.99 9. xylophone, $26.74 10. dr. kit, $34 more gift guides: men littles ladies

Holiday Gift Guide / 03

today’s gift guide focuses on the men in your life (the hardest to shop for in my opinion). i’ve rounded up a few items from practical to helpful, useful to fun-to-have. these items are perfect for stocking stuffers or wrapped nicely under the tree and are sure to have your man smiling on christmas morning. 1. moccasin slippers, $42.95 2. shaving kit, $60 3. specialty hot sauce, $12.65 4. watch, $115 5. dress shirt, $65 6. leather wallet, $100 7. travel mug, $24.99 8. cologne, $44.10 9. tie, $15 10. super tool, $79.95   more gift guides: the ladies in your life the littlest ones

Cyber Monday Deals & Steals

^^^me and my guy, thanksgiving 2014 i would definitely consider myself someone who prefers to do their shopping online versus going to a store. for one we live quite a bit away from any decent malls or places i’d like to shop and also because of the convenience. and who doesn’t love packages arriving at their doorstep?! it’s like christmas early, tearing open those boxes, even if the item isn’t for you; at least that’s the way i feel! i got the majority of my christmas shopping done prior to the deals on black friday and cyber monday, but there are a few things i’m still looking into picking up today. i’ve compiled a list of some great deals from my favorite places to shop for you below. loft – 50% off everything, use code MONDAY madewell – 25% off your entire purchase, use code GIFTON j.crew – 30% full price style + free shipping, use code MONDAY gap – 40% off your purchase, use code CYBER old navy – 40% off your purchase, use …

Holiday Gift Guide / 02

today’s gift guide is focused on the littlest ones in your life. this was the most fun guide for me to put together as i prepare for my own little one to arrive soon after the holidays. from practical to playtime, cuddly to cozy you are sure to find something perfect for your sweet babe. 1. wooly lamb, $18-$32 2. board books, $9.99 3. wooden teether, $12 4. feather pixie crown, $40 5. sherpa mittens, $9.95 6. bird applique’ velboa blanket, $13 7. freshly picked moccasins, $45 (on sale through tomorrow) 8. tribal knotted headband, $10 9. white bird rattle, $17 10. cozy 2-piece outfit, $55   more gift guides: for the lady in your life

Holiday Gift Guide / 01

today i’m posting the first of a few holiday gift guides i have put together to hopefully ease some of that stress you may have been feeling as christmas looms closer and you start your holiday shopping. today’s list is for that special lady in your life. whether she be your mother, your wife, your sister-in-law or good friend here are a few items that are sure to put a smile on her face. 1. cozy cable-knit sweater, $59.95 2. customer family portrait, $80 3. capri blue zodiac candle, $14 4. young living stress away roll-on, $32.57 5. luxe faux fur scuff slippers, $19 (special) 6. rose + vanilla tinted lip blush, $12 7. crest cuff, $64 8. lavender bathtime luxury bath bomb, $6.95 9. bath + body kit, $88 10. organic blanket, $30.99

Baby Essentials

i know i’ve mentioned this a time or two or twelve, but the holidays are right around the corner. before we know it we’ll be dining with family and friends eating turkey and stuffing for thanksgiving and watching the littles tear open presents at christmastime, all while remembering the true meaning of the holidays of course. that being said, time in dwindling. by the time i get home from work it is so dark outside that it makes it difficult to want to do anything but kick up my feet and relax on the couch with the animals; snuggling under cozy blankets with the space heater blowing a little extra warmth all around, christmas music softly playing in the background. weekends are precious. and while they are quickly filling up with anticipated plans and holiday activities it’s essential to carve out some time for errands and housework; slowly checking things off of our seemingly never ending list of things to do. one such thing was getting a head start on our baby registry. little girl will be here …