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One Month


and just like that you are a month old. i really don’t know how time goes by so fast. i love watching you grow up, but it is so bittersweet. i found myself in tears the other night thinking about you and your sister and how time keeps escaping me. you both are my entire world.

maddox charles, at one month old you are smiling and holding your head up on your own, you are such a strong little boy. you get hiccups all the time (just like your sister did). you are up a lot more during the day and it’s so wonderful getting to look into your big blue eyes. you are such a good, quick and efficient eater and you do well with diaper changes and baths. you are a gem at night, sleeping for hours at a time, this i appreciate more than you know. you are constantly moving, i’m predicting you’ll be an early crawler. you make squeaking and cooing noises that is the sweetest music to my ears. but my favorite of all is when you squeeze your hand around my finger holding ever so tightly.

you are loved by all, though none more than your sister. she constantly wants to hold you and gives you the sweetest kisses. she hates when you cry and makes sure that i feed you and change you frequently, even if you aren’t ready for it. she covers you up to make sure you’re warm and races to get your pacifier when you are upset.

happy one month my sweet baby boy, we are so lucky to have you.



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