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Welcome Maddox

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we couldn’t be more excited or happy to have our baby boy finally be here and join our family just in time for christmas. for some reason my babies don’t like to come early so as we passed our due date with little man we decided to schedule an induction in order to get out of the hospital and recover for a day or two before all of the christmas celebrations we had planned (little did we know we would be struck with the flu the day we brought baby home from the hospital with it taking each one of us down on a different day throughout the week). it was really important for me to be able to be well for christmas as i was really looking forward to seeing lennon enjoy it this year…unfortunately things don’t always go as planned.

the day was cold and blizzardy, i suppose it was the perfect day to spend in the hospital as the weather was so crappy. we started the induction process around 8:30 in the morning and our sweet baby finally came just before the day ended. we welcomed maddox charles on saturday december 17th at 11:41 pm weighing in at 7 lb 14 oz and 21 inches long.

the labor couldn’t have been more different than it had been with lennon. aside from a few scares with lowered heart rates he came much smoother and way quicker (i only had to push about 45 minutes this time a much welcome change from the 4 hours i pushed with his sister). i also was able to lay with and hold him right away which was nothing short of magical; i was not able to do this with lennon.

lennon came the next day to meet her baby brother and seeing her so excited and asking to hold him made my mama heart burst into a million tiny pieces. the love that she has for him is endless and they already have the strongest little bond.

i love this little family of mine and can’t wait for all the new memories we get to make as a family of four.

however, i was very disappointed in myself because kyle had taken a bunch of pictures the night maddox was born on our camera and we found out the next day that there was no memory card in the camera so there weren’t any pictures saved. many tears were shed over this because it is something i have done more than once, pull out the memory card and forget to put it back in. at least we noticed right away the next day and were still able to capture a few in the following days.



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