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Photos From The Weekend

^^^this girl of mine makes me laugh like no other

^^^there are moments when you catch these two girls looking at one another and you know they are going to cause some trouble someday

   ^^^those lips


the weekend came and went faster than expected. why does it always feel like the weekend days are so much shorter than those during the week? probably because everyone is rushing around trying to get all of their errands done, homes cleans, to-do lists checked off all while trying to make time for family and friends. even after becoming a stay-at-home mom i still find myself looking forward to friday’s and dreading sunday’s end.

weekend’s are my favorite, like most people, because they are time spent with family and those we love. this past weekend was no exception. with all of our other obligations over easter weekend we decided to push the celebration one week back with my family. we met for dinner at hu hot where we devoured some excellent hibachi, seriously i am still craving it days later, then we headed over to my parents house for an egg hunt and good ole fashion family time.

unfortunately it had to snow so the egg hunt had to be moved indoors. i’ll admit lennon wasn’t too interested in the hunting of the eggs she much preferred cracking those babies open and steeling the goodies inside. i can’t believe how big she is getting. easter was her first big holiday after she was born and now here we are a year later with a 13 month old walking around on her own. time really does go by so fast.

again i hope you all had good easters and i hope your weekends are filled with joy and family fun. it’s hump day today, halfway through another week!


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