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Thoughts on Thursday

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1. “clothe yourself with with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.” – colossians 3:12

2. lennon and i took a little day trip earlier this week to go meet up with one of my very good college friends. we spent the day shopping and going to lunch; lennon spending more time people watching with a ridiculously cheesy grin on her face than eating. the weather ended up being super nice and the day turned out wonderful. it truly was a great visit. however, i do have to admit i always feel a little bit sad after days like those, visiting with people i don’t get to see often enough. i really miss all the times we had together and while i know our lives have changed and we will always remain close, i wish we lived a little bit closer. does anyone else feel this way when they leave a visit with old friends?

3. i am all caught up on the game of thrones and am anxiously awaiting the next season (which is set to premiere on april 24th if you didn’t know). so while we wait we needed to find another show on netflix to binge on. kyle chose the walking dead and while i wasn’t sure if i would be into the whole zombie thing i have it say i’m kinda hooked. any other shows i should be watching, please let me know!

4. i am truly amazed at how smart my sweet little girl is at only one years old. she remembers everything. she can tell me where her nose, teeth, tummy and hair are and she is a walking machine. i have been slowly teaching lennon a few words/phrases in sign language to help her better communicate with us. she caught on to ‘all done’ and ‘more’ fairly quickly, but we’ve been working on please for a while now. well tonight she signed it. i was so proud. it may have been because of the leftover ice cream birthday cake her daddy and i were eating in front of her that she desperately wanted, but hey i’ll take it. ‘eat’ is next on our list.

5. did you know that different countries have different sign languages. sign languages, similar to spoken languages, developed naturally out of groups of people interacting with one another so it’s no wonder that there would be different dialects in different areas (source).


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