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5 Ways to Feel More Accomplished


i don’t know about you but when my house is cluttered or i am not getting things checked off my never-ending to-do list i start to get anxious and it actually makes me feel extremely unmotivated. clutter in your home makes for clutter in your life; at least it does for me.

however, i feel like i always have a little bit more energy in the springtime. maybe it’s because the days are longer and lighter or the fact that we can get outside a little bit more, either way i am checking things off of my to-do list one by one. spring cleaning is in full affect around here. today i am going to share some tips with you that help me stay motivated.

1. wake up early. although it may be hard to do sometimes try to set an alarm and wake up early. i always feel more productive on days that i am up starting my day rather than sleeping in.

2. to-do lists are your friend. i am a list maker. i have too many thoughts constantly running through my head not to write them down. it’s important that your to-do lists are realistic and workable. i like to keep two to-do lists going, one for items i need to get done that day and a second list that keeps track of things i need to get done long-term. not only do to-do lists help me stay organized and prioritize, but it’s fun being able to cross things off as they are completed.

3. do it now. this is the one i always have the most trouble with. whether it be a few dishes, making the bed or putting away some laundry do it right away. doing one small task at a time doesn’t take as long as letting those dishes or laundry pile up.

4. pick up before bed. it only takes a few minutes, but when you wake up in the morning to a tidy space it makes a world of a difference for the day ahead.

5. get a good nights rest. this may be the most important of all. we’ve all been there. stayed up too late the night before binging on some netflix, waking up too early, 5 loads of laundry, a sink full of dishes and toys strewn all over the living room. but you’re tired. so you leave it. and it starts to accumulate. and now you have hours of work to do and not enough time in the day to get it all done. you end the night feeling bad because you haven’t accomplished anything. so if you remember one thing it’s this. sleep when you can!

6. take time for yourself. this is a bonus point. pick up a book, go for a walk, or sit and drink a cup a coffee whatever it may be, for a few minutes or an hour if you have it, every day make sure to take a moment for yourself to refresh and recharge.

how do you stay motivated? i’d love to hear!




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