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easter has easily become one of my favorite holidays and no, it has nothing to do with the egg hunts and chocolate bunnies (although those don’t hurt). what i love about this holiday is that it is not surrounded with all of the hustle and bustle of other holidays, ahem christmas. don’t get me wrong there is still lots to do and much to prep, but in a different way.

i’m not out shopping for weeks in advance searching for the perfect gift or wondering if my wrapping and bows are made just right. i’m not planning and preparing tons of food and rushing in and out of our families homes to be sure we don’t miss anyone or anything. while i do love christmas it always leaves me feeling so anxious, overwhelmed and tired.

cue easter. easter is different for me. i love that it falls right around the first day of spring, this season is really growing on me. this time of year is so refreshing to me; all about renewing, growth and life.

i’m thankful for easter as it gives us time to reflect on what our lord did for us and a time to celebrate his life. to remember what he gave up for us and to know he is waiting for us leaves me so grateful and at peace.

as usual around holiday time for us we had quite the busy weekend. we kicked off good friday with a family fish fry at my in-laws. it was so nice to get together with everyone enjoying good food and great company. i loved watching the children race to find eggs during their egg hunt. lennon and her little cousin decker got a headstart before the older kids; at only two he was so sweet to her. she learned how to say his name and kept calling for him all night.

saturday we woke up early to drive to my grandma’s house. she lives close to three hours away and it’s not often that we get up by her, especially on holidays other than christmas. it was a special time this year as most of my mom’s family was able to get together and enjoy the holiday. the weekend was great, but it always leaves me a little sad that we don’t all live closer together.

the easter bunny hit our house a day late with all that was going on. but seeing lennon’s face light up when she spotted her basket monday morning is a memory i will have forever. she “ran” to it as fast as she could and there were lots of “oooh’s”. it was so cute.

you may think easter is over as the holiday has past, but nope, not for this family. our holiday is extending on to next weekend and i’m looking forward to celebrating with my immediate family.

i hope you all had a great holiday with those you love and remembered what this day truly means.


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  1. Julie says

    Such a sweet post,Honey. We loved Easter this year too. Great seeing those who came! Happy Spring!

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