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Thoughts on Thursday

 1. “you’re mad. bonkers. off your head…but i’ll tell you a secret…all of the best people are.” – alice in wonderland

2. it snowed yesterday. end of march, officially spring and we got inches of snow. multiple inches. it was kind of pretty and a great excuse for us to slow down and have a “snow day” but we are so ready for nice weather it’s not even funny. we are starting to feel cooped up and definitely need some fresh air. there were a few nice days scattered throughout the last couple of weeks and it was so nice to get outside without having to get all bundled up. here’s to wishes for warmer weather and the snow to melt just as quickly as it came.

3. we are trying to transition lennon away from the bottle and it is not going so well. she will drink water out of her sippy cup and sometimes throughout the day, mostly at meals, will drink milk from the sippy cup as well. but we give her milk every morning when she wakes up, before naps and before bed and she is used to having the bottle during those times and is refusing to drink it from the cup. if you have any suggestions on how to successfully transition your little one away from the bottle i am all ears.

4. i am really looking forward to easter this year and can’t believe it is only days away. easter was the first big holiday lennon celebrated so it’s fun to come full circle a year later. we, like every other holiday, have many plans that will keep us very busy. but i like that; i start to feel so restless when i have too much time on my hands.

5. americans spend 1.9 billion dollars on easter candy (the second biggest candy holiday after halloween). of that 70% is chocolate and 76% of americans think the ears of a chocolate bunny should be eaten first (source).

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