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Thoughts on Thursday

1. “the only creatures that are evolved enough to convey pure love are dogs and infants.” – johnny depp

2. happy st. patty’s day! how many of you will be celebrating today, green beer anyone? i’m not even irish, but i will surely be feasting on the corned beef and cabbage my husband is cooking up. it always smells delicious and tastes so so good. my husband is definitely the cook in the family. however, lately, especially now that i am home, cooking has become more interesting to me. i like planning out our meals for the week, grocery shopping with a purpose and, although it is still rare, preparing a meal. i know my husband enjoys the cooking so we will see if he passes the reigns over to me.

3. babies and bad dreams, have any of you experienced this? there have been multiple times where lennon as “woken” up inconsolable and in tears in the middle of the night and from a nap. there is no other explanation for me except to think that she has had a bad dream and she is usually still half a sleep. it usually takes about 5 minutes to get her to stop crying and calm down. it breaks my heart every time.

4. is there anything cuter than watching babies and animals together? in my opinion there is not. lennon wanders around the house yelling “naaa, naaa” all day, calling for her puppy. and she could spend hours throwing him the ball, if only he would learn to bring it back to her and not kyle or i. also, just the other day she started mimicking us calling for the cat and she loves giving him kisses. it really is amazing the little things that they pick up on.

5.there is a reason for the shamrocks association with st. patrick’s day. according to irish legend saint patrick used the plant as a metaphor for the holy trinity when he was first introducing christianity to ireland (source).


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