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Monday Must Haves: Luscious Locks

mon must have

after years of trying to grow out my hair and get it as healthy as it can be, i finally feel like it is in good condition and i am happy with it. i’ve put my hair through the ringer in the past; dying it almost black, bleaching back to blonde, chopping it off, etc. i’ve spent a lot of money at salons and on trying different products and i’m here to share with you a few things that are working for me right now and better yet a lot of them are very affordable and can be found at your local target.

although i do have to say my best tip for you on how to get healthy, luscious locks is by not using a product at all, that’s right no product. the big secret…stop washing your hair (i only wash mine once or twice a week). your scalp produces oils (sebum) which have nutrients that help moisturize your hair. by washing frequently you are stripping your hair of those vital nutrients and actually drying it out more. also, when washing with shampoo focus only on your scalp and roots, let the suds drip down over the rest of your hair without actually scrubbing it all. now onto our monday must haves.

moroccan oil: this is one of my absolute favorite hair products and definitely worth the investment in my opinion. not only does it smell great, but it leaves my hair feeling silky and smoothe.

tresemme’ split remedy: i use this after each time that i wash my hair. this leave in conditioning treatment not only helps make my hair easier to comb through, but helps restore moisturization and repair split ends.

tresemme’ heat tamer: if there is one thing you take away from this post let it be this, use a heat protectant spray prior to apply any heat to your hair (blow drying, straightening, curling). heat protectants help lock in moisture helping prevent damage.

dove dry shampoo: this is one of my favorite dry shampoos and it’s not expensive! i’m lucky in that my hair can go days without really looking or feeling greasy, but if i want to squeeze an extra day in before another wash i like to use this dry shampoo. a few sprays take your hair from feeling limp and greasy to full and fresh. in my opinion this product also helps give my hair a little extra volume.

wet brush: i got this brush as a sample to use a few months back when i was still working in merchandising and i love it! i have a lot of wavy hair and it can get pretty tangled when it is wet. this brush helps eliminate tugging, ripping and pulling. i can’t wait to try it on lennon…once she actually gets hair.

chi straightener: this has been my favorite straightener i have ever used, in fact i have been using this straightener for close to ten years. it is the perfect one stop tool for straightening or curling.

in addition to the products listed above prenatal vitamins have definitely helped get my hair looking extra good. regular trims are also a must!


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