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Thoughts on Thursday


1. “mother earth speaks to you through every flower.” – unknown

2.  we borrowed a friends baby gate to put up in the living room to see if it would help keep lennon in one place for longer than two minutes. it’s one of those gates meant for outside to make sort of a circular play area, it doesn’t attach to the walls, but we are making do. it’s been working for the most part, well until our sweet little girl determined that she had incredible hulk strength and pushes the whole thing forward until there is just enough room for her to squeeze through even with a chair pushing against it for added weight. it really amazes me the problem-solving skills she has already at one.

3. have you guys seen the pillowfort line at target?! it has me wishing i had 5 little kid rooms to decorate right now. is it too early to move lennon to a big girl room (i kid, kinda). i love this, this and this. and i am extremely tempted to get lennon this and this. and i probably will get her this and this. she needs it right?

4. i have been watching games of thrones for the first time on hbo go (my husband has already watched it all, but is so nice to watch it a second time through with me). i am obsessed. i stay up way too late trying to squeeze in as many episodes as i can. have you seen it, if not start. or maybe don’t if you don’t want to be completely sucked in.

5. flamingos. i love them. and they must be on trend right now because i am seeing them everywhere. lennon got this adorable swimsuit for her birthday and i am obsessed. did you know there are more plastic flamingos in the united states than real ones (source).


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