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Lennon Turns One

^^^she really was the happiest birthday girl ever

^^^luckily she has the best big cousin ever to show her how things are done!

^^^this girl loves cake and by cake i mean frosting, she loves frosting

^^^we stop to pray at least three times during any given meal, it really is the sweetest thing


her birthday has come and gone faster than i could blink and i cannot believe that i have a one year old. i don’t know how the last 365 days have gone by so quickly; there were plenty of memories made, laughter had and kisses given.

the party was so wonderful due mostly in part to each individual that came to share in the joy of our baby girl’s day of birth. we were surrounded by friends and family, good food and delicious treats. we appreciate our family so much for helping with the menu and my parents and sister helping with final decorations minutes before the party was set to begin.

the sun was shining, snow began melting; it really was a wonderful day.

she really is the happiest little girl and oh so sweet. she would have been just as content just hanging out with her dad, fur brothers and i, but we were glad to share her and celebrate her on such a special day.

a few details from her party:
it had a tea party-esque theme to it so we made small tea sandwiches in 3 varieties, cucumber, peanut butter and jelly and chicken salad (which was my personal favorite!). our families were generous enough to bring salads, fruits and veggies to pass and we had the keurig out for tea and coffee, as well as sweet powdered donuts and shortbread cookies. i hand-made the majority of the decorations, staying up until 2 am the night before cutting tissue paper for the garland. i originally had a beautiful gold sequin and pink tulle dress planned for her to wear, but i ordered it from zulily and it was too big. luckily we had this beautiful vintage peach dress stashed away from my baby shower and it worked out perfectly. we got her smash cake from a local grocery store and i just added the sprinkles on top. i made the cupcakes and floral watercolor cake as well (you can check it out a few posts back here).


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