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Thoughts on Thursday


  1. “the most precious jewels you will ever have around your neck are the arms of your children,” unknown.

  2. lennon had her one year check up this week. one year old, i still can’t believe it. how does time go so fast someone please tell me. i love being a mama more than anything and time needs to slow down. anyway, looking at her growth curve she was 43% for height at 29″ and 36% for weight at a whopping 18 lb. 15 oz. the doctors considered her average (up from 15% for both at her last visit). they also told us that she is developing at where an 18 month old would be based on her walking, talking, eating, etc. smart baby for the win (unless they tell all parents that, ha)!
  3. the oscars: can we just say finally leo, finally! also, like most people i love seeing what everyone is wearing. personal fav’s of mine from the night charlize theron, julianne moore and cate blanchett. mad max fury road killed it winning 6 oscars, wow. i have yet to see the movie, but now i feel like i definitely need to. actually to be honest i feel like i never see any movies anymore, but i caught up on some trailers before the awards show started so i kind of felt like i knew what was going on. we did watch spotlight the other day and i thought it was really good. next on my list mad max, room and the revenant (because obviously…leo).4. have you guys watched any of the what up moms videos on youtube? if you haven’t please do, they are hilarious! i watched this one last night and it’s a new personal favorite.5. if you couldn’t tell from my previous posts it snowed again this week. did you know that it is a myth that no two snowflakes are exactly the same? in 1988, a scientist found two identical snow crystals and wouldn’t ya know they came from a winter storm in wisconsin (source).

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