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Our Snow Day



despite punxsutawney phil not seeing his shadow indicating that spring should be here early today we had a snow day. prior to today we were having some warmer days and the snow was finally melting which had me longing for spring; higher temperatures, fresh blooms and all the pastel my eyes can see.


winter in wisconsin is not my cup of tea especially when the season seems to last double that, if not more, of any other. winter in wisconsin is especially difficult when you have a baby. i never want to stay out in the cold too long with her and there isn’t much for us to do at her age. i am a ‘let’s have snow for christmas and then it can all go away’ kind of girl  and the cold, oh how i hate the cold (i may be living in the wrong state).



but today, in need of fresh air, we pulled on our snowpants, zipped up our jackets and laced up our boots and got outside to enjoy the freshly fallen flakes. we played until our cheeks were rosy and noses runny, long enough for us to get our wiggles out and ready for a cozy nap. by playing i mean a few short sled rides and strolling through the yard. lennon didn’t love the snow, i think it will be different once she’s more stable walking on her own. her favorite part, as was mine, was watching nash zip back and forth through the yard, scooping up mouthfuls and chasing the snowflakes.


we are supposed to get up into the 50’s next week, three cheers for that! i hope everyone has a happy hump day!



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