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How to Paint a Cake: Edible Watercolor on Marshmallow Fondant

cake 2

i wouldn’t call myself the most artistic person ever. i don’t have perfect handwriting, i am definitely no mozart and i’m not over here painting mausoleums. however i do like getting creative and i am always up for a diy challenge so when i saw the recipe and tutorial for this edible watercolor cake on marshmallow fondant i knew i had to take a stab at it.

it worked out perfectly that it was lennon’s first birthday and i could make it for her celebration. don’t get me wrong i have no problem whipping up a cake or sweet treat any time of the day either; sugar addict over here.

cake 3

i was a little intimidated when i started because i don’t paint, but trust me you can do it, it just takes patience and time (definitely an activity for when the kids are napping). i found the activity extremely relaxing actually.

so what do you need to get started? plastic art palette, fine tip brushes, pure lemon extract, wilton white icing color, wilton icing colors, toothpicks and paper towel. you can also use gloves if you don’t want your hands getting stained from the coloring. i purchased all of my supplies from hobby lobby, but you can get them on amazon or most craft stores as well.

after you bake your cake (i just used a store-bought box of funfetti) and mix up your marshmallow fondant you can begin your artistic adventure.

  1. place a few drops of pure lemon extract in each of the wells on your art palette.
  2. add in your desired colors – you can mix colors as well, unlimited possibilities! (know that the pure lemon extract does evaporate quickly so be sure to have enough of your color mixed).
  3. to make your colors a little more opaque mix in some of the white icing.
  4. paint away!

cakethe marshmallow fondant made an excellent canvas for my edible watercolor masterpiece. for the recipe, and other foodspiration, check out the butter half, but be warned abbey will leave you wanting to eat all day with her delicious recipes, beautiful food styling and witty puns.




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