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2016, A New Year


in 2015 i took a long hiatus from blogging. there were times that i tried to get back into it, but i failed. to be honest i just wasn’t loving it anymore. after a long day at work, coming home to take care of my daughter and get things done around the house, the last thing i wanted to do was sit in front of yet another computer screen. so i didn’t. and life went on. and as more and more days went by it felt harder and harder to get back into it. so i stopped. just like that. done. but there was always a little voice in the back of my head unwilling to completely let go of this little space that is my very own. a space where i can share a little piece of who i am. a place where i can document life’s greatest joys. a place where i can be vulnerable. when i started this blog i was excited to document little pieces of my life and the adventures it has taken us on, but my focus began to fall elsewhere and i was no longer putting my heart into it. so here i am back to give it another go.

2015 was a good year, however it was also a year filled with changes, adjustments and challenges. it was the year i became a mother, which truly is the best thing in the world. however, while i was very much enjoying the newest addition to our family and really falling in love with becoming a mother, i feel that i became uninterested in my work, i wasn’t cultivating my friendships in the ways that i should and most importantly i wasn’t being the wife i know i could be. i became fully consumed with being the best mother to my child and that became my priority.

this year i have chosen a word to live by, focus. i plan to focus more on myself, my passions and those i love. i will focus on truly being present and in the moment. i will focus on hobbies that i have been intrigued by and things i have wanted to learn, but put off. i will focus on my husband and more fully appreciate all the little things that he does for our family. i will focus on my friends and be the best friend i can to them. i will focus on my child and be present when i am with her. i will focus on myself and put aside negative thoughts and feelings.

so here is to a new year and a better version of myself. thank you all for coming along on this journey with me, i’m sure it won’t be perfect and there are definitely going to be bumps along the way, but that is life and i am ready to live it.


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