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Lennon Grace: 2 Months


our sweet little girl is 2 months old. i am baffled by how fast the time has flown by. it seems like just yesterday we were leaving the hospital coming home with our girl for the first time. it’s amazing how much she has changed and all the new things she is able to do.

lennon grace, at two months you continue to gain more and more strength and hold your head high. you are on constant alert when you are awake and you love to look around at everything. you love to sit up in mommy and daddy’s lap and look at the world around you. you have started cooing and talking more, making new noises every day. you have started to love bath time and sometimes i think you make a mess of yourself just to get another one in. you do so great at tummy time, you make your mommy proud. you are constantly smiling and are such a happy baby. it seriously melts my heart. you have even started to giggle and you think your daddy is the funniest person on the planet. you have recently found your hands and they are always in your mouth now. you are still a wiggle worm; rolling over and crawling are right around the corner, i just know it. you sleep so well at night and for that mommy is extremely grateful. most nights you wake up twice, but lately you’ve only been getting up once which is really, really nice. i love you so much baby girl. you have given me the greatest gift there is, becoming a mom. i love you little one.



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