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Baby Bump // 38 Weeks



38 weeks…you have officially been growing in my belly for 266 days. we are so close to the end, i can see the light at the end of the tunnel. for the most part this pregnancy has been a breeze, i know you mama’s out there who have had not so fun pregnancies are probably reading this wanting to punch me square in the face and if i were you i would want to as well. however, before you do just know that the last few weeks have been anything but breezy for me.

the third trimester or more so, the last couple weeks of this third trimester have been tough on me. the exhaustion i felt during the first trimester has come back in full swing, but that doesn’t even compare to the swollenness that this pregnancy has brought with it. my hands, legs and feet have been retaining so much water and pooling so much blood, the size of them is almost comical, almost. luckily, my blood pressure continues to be in normal ranges so there is no need for bed rest or additional worries, but it is extremely uncomfortable none-the-less. i officially do not fit into any of my shoes, not one pair. i have resorted to wearing ankle-length UGG-like slippers every day; including to work (thank goodness for a casual office setting).


at 38 weeks if you decide to come the doctor’s will no longer stop labor, while the doctor would prefer you to hold out until 40 weeks, you are now considered full-term and your mama is anxious to meet you any day.


in terms of produce you are about the size of a pumpkin (on average 18.9 – 20.9 inches long and 6.2 – 9.2 lbs., though i am hoping you are on the lighter end of that spectrum). you may have hair already and you are slowly shedding your vernix. you have started to drop further into my pelvis which is confirmed by the increased visits to the bathroom each day. i will spare you all the gory details, but i have begun to experience some of the early signs of labor, however, this doesn’t mean much as baby will still come on her own terms. the past 2 days i have been feeling some pretty intense braxton hicks contractions, i have been nesting for weeks and the hospital bag is packed. i’m ready to go my little love, now where are you…



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