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2014 – A Year in Review


as we are already into the latter half of january, hard to believe, i thought i should finally take a moment to reflect on the past year. i took a break from the blog over the holidays. we had a lot going on and were very busy for a few days and while others were pretty low key, i didn’t have to work which was so nice, it was great to just relax and get things done around our home and spend time with my family.

while i thought january would be a bit slower for us, it pushed on with a vengeance. changes at work brought on long days and extra hours. nearing the end of my pregnancy left for tired nights. and weekends quickly filled with family gatherings and prepping for our sweet little ones arrival. somehow, amongst all of this, my blog became the last thing on my mind. after spending hours staring at a computer screen each day at work, the last thing i was thinking about was spending my evenings doing the same. however, it’s time that i reevaluate my priorities and make time for the things that make me happy and this space is one of those things.

2013 was a big year for us and while we ventured into 2014 knowing that it would certainly not be as eventful and chaotic, we were still faced with many changes and blessings. we journeyed into our first year of marriage, a successful year full of love and lots of laughter, solidifying our relationship and proving that we truly are right for one another. we worked diligently on our home, updating and fixing to make it our own. we opened our hearts to a little rescue pup and welcomed nash into our family. and to top it all off, we learned the news of our sweet baby girl, our little gift from heaven. we practiced patience, dealt with loss, worked hard and in my eyes came out on top. 2014 was good to us.

as the year came to an end and 2015 arrived i was completely focused on what is ahead. i am really looking forward to this year and all the changes it will surely bring for my family. most of all i can’t wait to finally become a mom and see my daughter for the very first time.

brave. this is my chosen word for the year and something i want to strive for. life is changing in a very big way for me and i want to go into this year not being afraid, welcoming challenges, going after what i want and showing my child strength and courage. i am ready for you 2015.

“be strong and courageous, and act; do not fear, nor be dismayed for the lord god, my god, is with you; he will not fail you nor forsake you.” – 1 chronicles 28:20


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