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Taking Stock



as the weather begins to change i find it important for myself to reflect on my life and all that has happened and is going to happen over the next season. within the last year life has thrown many things our way and we have tried to embrace it the best we can. there’s been new life and death, job changes and vacations, baby announcements and home updates.  there has been laughter and tears and many new memories made.

as the holidays draw near (we already celebrated our first of six christmas’s) i thought it was the perfect time to take stock, i’m:

making :  christmas cookies galore!
drinking :  water, water and more water – i can’t get enough during this pregnancy
reading:  big little lies by liane moriarty
wanting:  more sleep
looking:  forward
wishing:  for continued health these next couple of months
enjoying:  more time with my family now that the holidays are here
waiting:  for my little girl
liking:  everything baby-sized
wondering:  how much life is really going to change
loving:  my snuggly animals keeping me warm at night
pondering:  what baby girl will look like
hoping:  for snow on christmas
needing:  some luck
smelling:  the christmas tree and baked goodies
wearing:  my husband’s sweats any chance i get
noticing:  how wonderful life really is
knowing:  my husband supports me in all my decisions
thinking:  about what comes next
admiring:  all the other mama’s out there
sorting:  through all of the gifts to be wrapped
buying:  presents for family and friends
getting:  anxious for baby
opening:  myself up to new opportunities
feeling:  content
snacking:  on fruit, i can’t get enough
hearing:  christmas music


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