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The Hunt For The Perfect Tree

photo 1 (17)

every year since i was a little girl right around thanksgiving time my family would bundle up and head out in search of the perfect christmas tree. as we have gotten older the tradition has continued, unfortunately sometimes not everyone is able to make it on the planned day as lives change and schedules get busier. however, it was so nice this year that it worked out where everyone in my family was able to come along.

when we got to the tree farm the hunt began. we walked up and down rows upon rows of trees in the glistening snow looking for the perfect one for each of our homes, the smell of evergreen and fresh winter air consuming us; no easy feat for someone who is in their third trimester. after an hour or so kyle and i finally spotted the one we would bring home. the tree wasn’t perfect as our choices were limited, but it was perfect for us.

photo 1 (16)

we brought nash with us on our christmas tree cutting journey; he loved every minute of it. the smells, the wide open spaces, he could have stayed there all day and been perfectly content running through snow piles and taking bites out of snowballs. we forgot his leash so we had to tie a rope on his collar in order to keep him near, something that proved extremely useful once our tree was found. after kyle cut down our tree and loaded it up on the sled, he tied the pup’s rope to the sleigh and off nash went pulling our tree all the way back up to the truck. it was tough work for the little guy, but you could just feel the excitement it gave him to have a purpose; i wish i would have snapped a picture!

a few more pictures from our day…

photo 2 (21)photo 2 (20)photo 1 (15)photo 2 (22)


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  1. Sheri Kasten says

    Nice pics Terri! Love the one of you and Kyle- showing off your belly 😄 and Nash and Kyle at the end is a really nice one too! Looking forward to seeing you both!

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