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Holiday Gift Guide / 04

today’s gift guide focuses on the sweet little ones in your life who are big girls and boys, no longer babies. it was really fun putting this gift guide together, kids toys are so much fun. i definitely had my nieces and nephew in mind when trying to come up with the perfect gifts. i am completely obsessed with the little wooden fishing set and will have to keep my eye on it for when baby girl schutz is a bit older. if you are at a loss for what to get (which how could you be with all of the options) books, art supplies and musical instruments are truly a win-win and loved by all. i hope you find something to inspire your gift giving this year through these guides!


1. wooden fishing set, $38 2. wooden toy camera, $40 3. wild things crown, $42 4. hunter rain boots, $50 5. teepee, $185 6. art easel, $49.99 7. book, $12.24 8. tool set, $17.99 9. xylophone, $26.74 10. dr. kit, $34
more gift guides:


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