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Baby Bump // 28 Weeks

photo 5

28 weeks! it’s hard to believe that i’m already into my third trimester. this pregnancy is going by so quickly and while i am absolutely ecstatic to meet my little girl in a few short months, i think i am going to really miss having her growing in my belly. thus far my pregnancy has been a very positive experience. there have been hard days and some pain involved, but nothing that has left me feeling like i didn’t want this or questioning if i would do it over. yes i wanted this, i still want this and i know i will want this again. the feeling of becoming a mother leaves me so fulfilled, it’s a feeling that cannot be easily described and only those with littles of their own or who are expecting will ever truly experience it.

we met with our midwife last week and baby is right on track; i’m measuring at 28 cm. her heartbeat was a steady 135. at 28 weeks baby girl is the size of an eggplant in terms of produce. baby girl is developing more fat so her wrinkly skin will soon start to become smoother. her lungs are mature enough now that it is very likely she’d be able to survive if she were born today (though i do hope she’ll stay cozied up in my belly for a while longer). she should now be able to blink her eyes and is growing eye lashes. her eyesight is developing and she may be able to start seeing the light filtering in through the womb.

photo 2

while my pregnancy has been a good one it hasn’t been complete smooth sailing.  trouble sleeping, finding myself waking up multiple times throughout the night (and not just to use the bathroom) has been extremely frustrating.  it’s a struggle to fall back asleep and most nights i end up picking up a book or watching the clock until it’s time to get up and prepare for the day ahead.  i have started to see a chiropractor to help with the back pain i’ve been experiencing as well as some pretty severe sciatica pain (i do not wish that on any of you). while seeing the chiropractor does help, it does not take away the pain completely as my body continues and will continue to change over these next few months.  Worst of all is the severe pain i have been feeling in my lower right rib cage area. the best i can explain it is it feels like someone is constantly pushing on a bad bruise adding in a slight burning sensation. for a while i thought it may be baby girl’s foot or my expanding uterus pushing against my rib, but after speaking with my midwife she believes that it is my gallbladder acting up, which i’m told can happen during pregnancy, or it is just muscular pain. regardless, it is one of the most uncomfortable and painful experiences i have had during this pregnancy so far.  it is extremely tender and hurts to the touch, sometimes even bringing me to tears. the pain is constant and there is nothing we can do to alleviate it, aside from trying to eat a bland diet, ice and/or a heat pack. i hope eating differently will help, but more so i hope once she is here it will go away.

photo 4

photo 3

i do have to say, though, the slight pain and sleepless nights are worth it. i would endure ten times the pain to have this little girl and it doesn’t even begin to take away from all the wonderful things i am experiencing as well.  baby girl is moving so much now, mostly during the day. my belly is continuing to get larger and my clothing a little tighter, but she is growing and healthy. she has already become the center of my world.

photo 1^^^and one more of little brother who loves to jump in front of the camera (or just be anywhere his papa is)



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