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with thanksgiving right around the corner and the official start of the holiday season i can’t help but feel the happiness in my heart. i am hopeful for relaxing and stress-free celebrations this year and plan to keep the positivity in my life alive. i’ve realized that i just don’t have the time or energy right now to be down, overwhelmed or anxious and i am learning to try to just let go, live in the moment and trust in God and his plan for me and my life. i have the choice every day to be happy and that it was i plan to focus on.

i am grateful for many things in my life and now is the perfect time to share. i am thankful for my supportive, caring and loving husband and our growing family. i am thankful for being pregnant and healthy. i am thankful for living near my family and in-laws and the constant support and help from them. i am thankful for a warm house to come home to. i am thankful for good food, for music, and the upcoming holidays. i am thankful for holiday baking, for snacking, for turkey. i am thankful for my puppy and my kitty and the love they undoubtedly give to us. i am thankful to have a good, stable job. i am thankful for my friends and their kindness and loyalty. i am thankful for the beauty in the snowfall. i am thankful for the peace and clarity that comes with ending one year and starting another. i am thankful to be a woman, to be alive, to know my god above loves me. i am thankful for my life and the beautiful, exciting moments to come.

i hope you all take a moment to reflect on what you are grateful for this year. safe travels to all.


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