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Holiday Gift Guide / 01

today i’m posting the first of a few holiday gift guides i have put together to hopefully ease some of that stress you may have been feeling as christmas looms closer and you start your holiday shopping. today’s list is for that special lady in your life. whether she be your mother, your wife, your sister-in-law or good friend here are a few items that are sure to put a smile on her face.

gift guide

1. cozy cable-knit sweater, $59.95 2. customer family portrait, $80 3. capri blue zodiac candle, $14 4. young living stress away roll-on, $32.57 5. luxe faux fur scuff slippers, $19 (special) 6. rose + vanilla tinted lip blush, $12 7. crest cuff, $64 8. lavender bathtime luxury bath bomb, $6.95 9. bath + body kit, $88 10. organic blanket, $30.99



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