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Prenatal Yoga


yoga is a great way to not only recharge your body physically, but emotionally as well. there are a multitude of benefits ranging from becoming more flexible to boosting your immunity. furthermore, research has shown yoga to help ease migraines, boost sexual performance, fight food cravings and provide you better sleep.

additionally, prenatal yoga is extremely beneficial to expecting mothers. it is a wonderful stress reducing activity that can also contribute to a healthier pregnancy. prenatal yoga helps strengthen and improve those muscles used during childbirth. prenatal yoga has been shown to improve sleep, ease back pain and lessen your risk of developing prenatal depression. not only is it a way to stay in shape during pregnancy, but it also helps to prepare our bodies for labor, which is probably one of the most physical things you will ever do. finally, yoga helps you tune into and focus on your bodies needs. the practice allows you to really focus on yourself and turn your attention inward. it gives you time to reflect on and bond with your baby.

a couple of weeks ago i started practicing yoga through a class that was offered at my work. so far i have really enjoyed yoga and plan to continue practicing after the 6 week class ends. i am only a beginner, but for a beginner, and being quite top heavy at the moment, i think i am doing quite well; my balance and flexibility have already improved. i have experienced some of the benefits that yoga can provide as well and know that with continued practice i will only feel more positive effects. after each class i feel so refreshed and rejuvenated. i recently purchased this dvd on prenatal vinyasa yoga and am looking forward to bringing my practice at home as well.

yoga is extremely beneficial for the body and the mind and a great way to get more active and live a healthier lifestyle.


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