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Successful Marriage


this past weekend kyle and i celebrated one year of marriage. he took the reigns and planned an entire afternoon and evening filled with activities for us. we took a trip down memory lane (the photo above is taken in the spot he proposed and the building in the background is where we were married), had a picnic, saw a movie and he cooked dinner for me. we ate wedding cake (yum) and snuggled up on the couch and watched our wedding on dvd that our dear friend’s mom captured for us. it was so neat and a little weird to watch ourselves get married from the viewpoint of a spectator. it was very emotional for me as well, more than a few tears were shed.

i couldn’t have asked for a better day. it was nice to relinquish control and be surprised again and again throughout the day. everything was perfect. thank you kyle.

i read an article recently on the 5 secrets to a successful long-term marriage. with divorce rates holding steady at around 50% i think it’s necessary to constantly look at your relationship and think about what you could be doing better and what you may need to work on. relationships are work and they require and deserve constant attention and nurturing. i am not an expert and i don’t claim to be by any means. i have only been married for one year, however, that year was a very happy and joyful one and i know that i want to be married to my husband for the next hundred years and i will do all i can to make that happen. i think it’s important for those in relationships or those who want to be in successful relationships to think about and practice these tips.

compromise – relationships are give and take. while you shouldn’t keep score you also shouldn’t feel like you are constantly on the giving end and aren’t getting anything in return.

communicate – we hear it all the time, communication is key. it’s important to openly and honestly talk about your needs and feelings with your spouse or partner. but it’s also important to be direct and respectful.

choose your battles – don’t sweat the small stuff. have discussions before little issues get blown out of proportion.

make your needs known – it’s important to compromise, but don’t lose yourself in the process. you are both still individuals and it’s important that you don’t lose your identity. don’t always put yourself second.

be truthful and honest – it’s not possible to build a relationship without trust. when you are in a relationship you need to be able to depend on that person without question or doubt, you can’t do that without honesty and trust.


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