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One Year

this morning as i woke up before the sun in the warm cocoon of my bed surrounded by my family i had an overwhelming feeling of contentment. as i lay there i reflected on the past year and all the memories and changes life has brought to us. 365 days. 8,760 hours. 525,600 minutes. as the sun slowly began to rise, casting a soft orange and pink glow in the morning sky, i was happy. i am happy.

one year ago today i married my best friend. as cliche as that sounds it is the truth. he is my rock. he keeps me grounded. he makes me laugh. this past year he has proven to me how dedicated he is to me and to our family. he supports me and fights for me completely. he provides for me and stands by me always. he loves me and cares for me deeply.

kyle, happy one year anniversary. this year as been more than i could have ever wished for. i will be forever fulfilled with you as my husband. i am beyond excited to start the next chapter of our life together as year 2 begins. i love you.

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