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Baby Essentials


i know i’ve mentioned this a time or two or twelve, but the holidays are right around the corner. before we know it we’ll be dining with family and friends eating turkey and stuffing for thanksgiving and watching the littles tear open presents at christmastime, all while remembering the true meaning of the holidays of course. that being said, time in dwindling. by the time i get home from work it is so dark outside that it makes it difficult to want to do anything but kick up my feet and relax on the couch with the animals; snuggling under cozy blankets with the space heater blowing a little extra warmth all around, christmas music softly playing in the background. weekends are precious. and while they are quickly filling up with anticipated plans and holiday activities it’s essential to carve out some time for errands and housework; slowly checking things off of our seemingly never ending list of things to do.

one such thing was getting a head start on our baby registry. little girl will be here in a few short months and her shower before then, it’s necessary to be prepared. while i’d say we’ve definitely taken a good stab at putting together a list of the things we think she’ll need most and also a few wanted items as well, i’m curious to know if there is anything important that we’ve forgotten. what items have you found to be the best? Is there something you use every day that i maybe didn’t think of? which brands do you prefer and why? i’m looking to all you fellow mama’s out there for a little help and advice. your comments, suggestions and knowledge are appreciated.

oh and happy monday!


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