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A Weekend in the Woods

photo (12)

this past weekend was spent up in the great north woods of glidden, wisconsin with friends celebrating life. aside from the lack of sleep, the weekend was very enjoyable; full of relaxation, good food and great company. i was shocked to see there was already a light dusting of glistening snow on the ground covering the fallen leaves that had yet to blow away; a collision of fall and winter. while it made me excited for the holidays ahead, it left me dreading the cold and snow that is soon to come.

photo (17)

our weekend in the woods was full of a fresh, bitter chill in the air leaving us no choice but to bundle up in chunky knit scarves, thick woolen socks, and furry boots. though, our winter jackets, gloves and hats didn’t stop us from enjoying the great outdoors as we took long walks through the trees and sat around the fire in conversation and laughter with friends. however, it was a welcoming treat to have a cozy log cabin to come home to; peeling off the layers of warm clothes and curling up by the crackling fire.

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as halloween fell on a friday this year we found ourselves at the local tavern for their annual halloween party. it was so much fun to see everyone dressed up. kyle and i went as a sonogram and ultrasound tech in honor of baby schutz.

photo (13)

we shared a cabin with two other couples as well as their dogs; that made 6 people, 4 labs. the cabin was beautiful and very accommodating for what we needed. it was so nice to be able to carve out some time in our busy schedules to spend quality moments with our friends and the doggies had fun too. nash was a little frustrating to handle as he has a huge crush on our good friends dog, nellie; he just couldn’t keep his paws off of her, literally. have i mentioned he gets neutered in 3 weeks and i cannot wait?

photo (14)

regardless of his crazy antics and ungentlemanly ways, come sunday he was so tired he slept the entire car ride home through the night and well into monday. in fact, when i got home from work Monday night he put himself to bed at 5:30 and took a nap that we had to wake him up from.

i hope your halloween weekend was filled with lots of fun and good company, as well as a few sweets (i had my fair share that’s for sure). here’s to fun-filled november!

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