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Baby Bump // 22 Weeks


am i really 22 weeks pregnant already? actually, almost 23 weeks. it is so hard for me to believe how fast the time really is going by. it seems like yesterday i was taking a test (okay 6) and living the shock and excited of impending parenthood. to now know i am over half way there, a month away from my third trimester, just baffles me. where did all the time go?

baby girl is growing at a healthy pace. at 22 weeks her taste buds are beginning to form and her brain and nerve endings are now mature enough to process the sensation of touch; during our last ultrasound she kept putting her hands up and feeling around her face. in terms of produce she’s about the size of a papaya and should be nearing about one pound in weight (at our 20 week appointment she was weighing in at 11 ounces).

i definitely am noticing her getting bigger, not only by my expanding belly, but from the pressure of her invading my space, so to say. i find myself needing to have smaller meals as she squeezes against my stomach, and at times i get easily out of breath as she begins to crowd my lungs. i have also been experiencing some back pain, but worst of all has been the sciatica pain i have been feeling. the pain causes restless nights of sleep leaving me very tired (preparing me for motherhood i suppose). i started seeing a chiropractor and am hopeful it helps alleviate some of the less than comfortable conditions. however, overall i have few complaints and am really enjoying pregnancy.

maternity wear has definitely found its way into my wardrobe. it’s much easier and more comfortable for me to throw on a pair of maternity jeans then fuss with rubberbanding my pre-pregnancy pants or even using a belly band (in my opinion i really don’t like using the belly band at all). i am so grateful for my parents who continue to surprise me with maternity clothing allowing me to have a little variety in my daily outfit choices.

our next checkup is next week and i can’t wait to hear little girl’s heartbeat again.

^^^her brothers can’t wait to meet their baby sister

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