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(P)inspiration 6

last week completely got away from me, i apologize. in any case, i am going to start the week with a little bit of pinspiration for you all, enjoy!


wearing: it’s halloween week and all i keep thinking about is this sweet mary poppins costume. i wish i had a party to go to just so i had an excuse to dress up like this!


eating: lots and lots of halloween candy. trick or treating in our county was yesterday. we had 1 trick or treater, the neighbor boy who i forced (otherwise known as bribed with candy) to knock on my door and ask for more of said candy. i get that we live in a small town and trick or treating isn’t on halloween, but as this is the first time we are in a home that we own in a neigborhood i was really hoping for a better turnout. any turnout really; i was disappointed to say the least. now all the candy eating falls on my shoulders (a real travesty i know 😉 ). click on the image for a (not so) nice read on how long it will take you to burn off all the sweets.

Kids playing with leaves in the autumn

doing: raking leaves is right at the top of our “to-do” list over the next few days while the weather is still relatively nice.


making: i have been collecting artwork to create a gallery wall in baby girl’s nursery, i can’t wait to see the final outcome.


inspiring: no one is perfect.


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