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like most girls i love shopping and there is constantly new things i have my eyes on that i would love to have. while my budget doesn’t allow me to obtain everything i’m currently coveting, it certainly can’t keep me from looking, loving and wanting. here is glimpse into a few things i have been loving lately.

1. sorel the campus tall boot – sorel is a trusted name in the world of boots providing quality, comfort and beauty. speaking of beauty these campus boots are perfect as we move into the cooler parts of fall and early winter days ahead.

2. freshly picked heirloom moccasins – now that i know a little girl is on the horizon these sweet little moccasins are a must for her growing wardrobe. i love the story behind how freshly picked got started as a company and have been a fan for a while now; just waiting for my own little’s arrival to snag a pair myself!

3. ariodante cup & saucer – cooler months equal warmer drinks. i would love to sip some tea or hot cocoa out of this precious tea cup.

4. young living essential oil starter kit – this is probably number one on my want list at the moment. while i occasionally use a few essential oils i am eager to delve deeper into my journey with them.

5. nature’s stone ceramic fragrance hearth wax warmer – as i continue to put together little girl’s nursery i would love to add a wax warmer to the mix. perfect for releasing calming scents, the dual functionality of a nightlight and the darling glittery golden tone make this the perfect addition to her little space.

6. life factory glass water bottle – i’m in dire need of a new water bottle and this glass bottle is exactly what i have been looking for.

7. Yellow Top – my post pregnancy body aches for this top. that gold collar!


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