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Fall Reading


as the days get shorter, cooler and darker, there isn’t much i love more than curling up with a good book and getting lost in the world of fiction (though i do love a good nonfiction book as well). there is something so relaxing about putting on some thick wool socks and snuggling in under a blanket, book in hand. throughout the year i’ve been keeping track of how many books i have read. a couple of months ago i had a goal to read 100 books within the year. a goal i will most likely not complete, but that’s okay because i can try again next year. while i made my goal after the year was close to a third over i feel content in the fact that i am about to start on my 33rd tale this year.

fall and winter are the perfect time to read, read, read if you are like me and not a fan of getting out in the cold (why do i live in Wisconsin?). i have no bias towards books and will read anything from romance to sci-fi to history. below you can find a few on my must read list this fall.

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1. not that kind of girl by lena dunham
2. the interestings by meg wolitzer
3. wild by cheryl strayed
4. the secret history by donna tartt
5. what would audrey do by pamela keogh

reading on my kindle app makes getting through a book so effortless. it’s just as easy for me to read on the go as it is at home, whether it’s on my iphone, kindle fire, or verizon tablet. i can purchase directly from amazon or i’ve found through my local public library that i am able to borrow thousands of books as ebooks and be notified when they are available and have them wirelessly delivered to my devices; making a favorite hobby of mine virtually cost free.

please leave a comment letting me know which books you are currently reading or have read. i’m always on the lookout for suggestions!


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