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(P)inspiration: 5

i can’t believe how fast this week flew by. i’m not complaining by any means, i am just as excited for the weekend as the next girl; but another week gone in the blink of an eye, it baffles me. where did the time go? with that said i hope you all have a great weekend full of fun plans, relaxation and memories to be made!


wearing: as my bump continues to grow i’m struggling in deciding what to wear for the day. while i have bought some maternity clothing, my options are quite limited as i’ve tried to keep it to a minimum knowing that (hopefully) i will bounce right back to my pre-pregnancy weight. i have been conscious in my purchases spending money mostly on basic pieces that i will be able to wear post pregnancy if i wanted to, as well. i do have to say, though, maternity jeans are a god send; i put on a pair of my regular pants the other day and while they fit, not closing the zipper or button of course, the belly band was just not as comfortable as the attached panel of the maternity jeans i’ve become so accustomed to.


drinking:  water. water. and more water. it’s amazing how much i have been craving water lately. add a bit of lemon and it’s that much better.


doing: it’s time we start preparing our home for the colder months ahead. our old home has a very drafty door in the kitchen which brings in the winter chill (something we experienced last winter). this weekend you will find me painting our new door soon to replace the old. less drafts. less cold. win. win.


making: this weekend marks the beginning of me making a more conscious effort in living a healthier lifestyle, which will benefit both me and baby. this means more exercise and less sweets (notice how i didn’t say no sweets). while my body will probably never be able to do yoga as depicted in the picture above, i did sign up for a yoga class through work that starts in a week that i am really looking forward to.


inspiring: love with all you have. with all you are. as full as you can.


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