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Halloween Favorites!


we are midway through october (can you believe it) and halloween is fast approaching. i have finally put up a few decorations around the house and our autumn candles have left wondrous scents of apples, leaves and pumpkins. fall scented candles are my favorite.

my sweet tooth is also at an all time high during this time of year documented by the shear amount of twix bar wrappers filling the garbage can; usually one for skittles, starbursts or something fruity and sweet, chocolate and caramel have been my treat of choice this year by far. this is the first halloween in our home and the first halloween where we can expect trick or treaters at our door. i am so excited to see all the creative costumes and giggly children anticipating a sweet treat.

it’s been years since i’ve dressed up for halloween, but i still love to look at all the fun costumes and figure out what i would be if i did. next year will be so much fun with a little one to dress up.

below i’ve put together a few of my favorites this year.

favorite cat costume (if only burton would let us dress him up):


favorite dog costume (nash just may turn into a giraffe this year):


favorite little costume:


favorite couple costume:


i’m interested to hear what you, your littles and your pets are planning to be this year; leave a comment below!


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