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Baby Bump // 20 Weeks

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we’re half way there. it amazes me how fast the last 20 weeks flew by and with the holidays looming right around the corner, the next 20 are sure to pass just as fast. so far i have thoroughly enjoyed being pregnant. aside from a little fatigue, that has since subsided now that we are well into the second trimester, i have felt great during this pregnancy journey thus far. i can’t wait for our sweet baby’s arrival, however i do think i will miss being pregnant; the growing bump, knowing my baby is closer to me than anything else in this world; it’s a great feeling.

the last few days have left me feeling very restless at night. i have been waking up multiple times in the middle of the night unable to fall back asleep. i have also been experiencing some leg cramps, not fun. i’ve been consciously making an effort to drink even more water during the day than i currently am to help subside this.

20 weeks technically isn’t official until tomorrow, but that’s all relative anyway, right?! baby schutz is as big as a banana; around six and a half inches long. baby has working taste buds and is gulping down several ounces of amniotic fluid each day.


earlier this week we had baby’s 20 week anatomy scan. prior to the scan we met with our midwife and heard baby’s heart beat; healthy and strong (around 150 beats per minute). this was our second ultrasound and it amazes me how much baby has grown since our last scan at 11 weeks. while still small (only 11 ounces), the features were more defined and easier to see. baby was very cooperative during the scan. the tech was able to get all the measurements she needed without hassle, as well as lots of pictures for us to bring home. baby was also moving around a lot kicking his/her legs and kept placing his/her hands right up by his/her face. it was adorable.

i can’t get over seeing baby’s profile. when it flashed on the screen i fell in love all over again. i have fallen hard for this sweet baby of ours and am anxious for february to get here to finally meet our little one. i can’t imagine how much love i will have for baby when he/she is in my arms; it’s amazing to know that there is so much more love to give, i am only on the cusp of it; it’s only the beginning.

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at our scan we found out baby schutz’s gender. something i had been anticipating a long time. for weeks my gut has been telling me that baby was a boy, however every time i dreamed of baby, it was a girl. we went into our appointment with no expectations, with open hearts and minds and we are so excited to share with you all that baby schutz is a little girl; she already has her papa wrapped around her tiny finger.

we are so happy and so in love with you already our sweet flower, february can’t come soon enough.


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