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A Joyous Celebration

photo 2
^^^please notice my face on kyle’s shirt 🙂

last week we celebrated kyle turning one year older. after work i hurried home to prepare dinner (spaghetti, garlic bread and salad) and get the house together before my dear husband got home from an afternoon in the woods. after getting the table set and wrapping a few gifts i knew my favorite person would like (a new bottle of cologne, a lightweight zip up, movie tickets and reese’s pumpkins) i awaited his arrival. we celebrated his birthday for the last time as just the two of us; a wonderful evening filled with talking, laughter and togetherness.

photo 1

and what’s a birthday without dessert. instead of going the traditional birthday cake route, i tried to keep with the theme of fall and use up some of the tasty apples i had picked a week prior. i made a delicious (if i do say so myself) apple crisp served with a candle on top. followed by burton, nash and i performing a nice rendition of “happy birthday”, which consisted mostly of me singing off-key and the boys trying their hardest to catch a lost crumb.

photo 3

the next day we continued the celebration with a few close friends, appetizing pizza and cocktails (for those of us who are not expecting) while watching the packers bring home a win. it was a relaxing evening spent with dear friends, whom we are so happy were able to join us in ringing in another year for kyle.


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