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Happy Birthday


today is my husband’s birthday. and i love him, so if you’re not into reading cheesy, heartfelt posts about loved ones you’d better stop now. 🙂

this man of mine is fantastic right to his core. your kind heart, helpful attitude and neverending optimism truly amaze me. this is your 6th birthday we’ve spent together (time certainly does fly); from friend to girlfriend, fiance to wife. Years of wonderful memories i wouldn’t want to share with anyone else. i want to let you know that i appreciate all you do and all you are. especially in these last few months. you’ve been patient and gentle with me as we learned of our little one and have gone the extra mile in helping around the house when the tiredness got to me. you’ve pulled your weight and mine and i am grateful for that. for you. thank you for working so hard for our family. thank you for being the best listener. thank you for cooking for me. thank you for supporting me always. i know you will be an amazing father.

happy 28th birthday kyle, we (burton, nash, baby and me) love you!

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