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i find myself having a hard time slowing down, relaxing and living in the moment. my brain is constantly going a mile a minute; always thinking about what’s to come or needs to be done; especially now with a little one on the way. as i took nash for a walk the other day, reflecting on my life and where it is headed, i had this overwhelming fear of a life half-lived. am i living to my full potential?

i need to learn how to stop and enjoy the moment i am in while i am in it. to not be worried, afraid or hesitant. to be true to myself and my values and just live. i am inherently an anxious person, which doesn’t help by any means, but to truly live to my full potential i must learn to step outside of what’s safe and traditional. i need to discover that it is okay to be outside of my comfort zone and face life head on, without worrying if something could go wrong. i acknowledge this and am working towards living a fuller, more present life.

does anyone else ever feel this way?


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