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Life Lately in Pictures

photo 4 (3)photo 4 (2)photo 4
photo 2 (2)photo 2 (3)photo (5)
photo 3photo 2photo 1 (3)photo 1photo 3 (3)photo 1 (2)

1. a sleepy kitty who loves to snuggle on his momma, holding her tight.
2. first daddy duty: putting crib together; nash thought his assistance was vital to the process.
3. my handsome godson and a little baby belly starting to peek out.
4. a 27th birthday celebration for one of my bests.
5. a little puppy missing his papa.
6. 3 sleepy guys and an afternoon snuggle session.
7. weekly facetime chat with peanut and titi.
8. my favorite twins; my best friend makes beautiful babies.
9. spaghetti, venison and sourdough.
10. he’ll make a great papa.
11. he’s growing up so quickly, but he’s just as sweet as ever.
12. a morning journey to find the perfect tree for a treestand; a journey it was…


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