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fall is on the horizon and with the change of season and the crispness in the air comes a new list of items i am currently coveting:

1.  Put ’em UP Cookbooka cookbook dedicated to teaching you how to preserve, can and pickle all your summer goodness! our garden didn’t produce too much aside from peppers this year thanks to late planting and pesky wildlife, however, i plan to step up my game next year.

2.  Linen Tea Towels – not only are linen towels supposed to be more absorbent than your ordinary kitchen towel, but these are also so pretty. perfect for cleaning all those pots full of soups and warm goodness during this chillier time.

3.  Korres Lip Butter – i love korres lip butter (i have this in pomegranate). this balm deeply moisturizes and is great for those with dry lips (me) while also adding a shiny, tinted finish. the wild rose shade is a great accent for the fall and winter seasons.

4.  New Balance Sneakersthese new balance sneakers from j crew are on the top of my wish list currently. when it comes to sneakers i’m typically a nike only girl, but i’ve heard great things about the comfortability of new balance shoes and these basic colors would go with a variety of outfits.

5.  Tory Burch eau de parfum – i received a sample of this scent in a recent sephora purchase and cannot wait to get my hands on a full size bottle. the fresh citrus and floral scent is so feminine and the bottle is absolutely beautiful.

6.  LHAMI Eucalyptus Balm – with the impending coughs and sniffles that come from the temperature dropping it’s best to be prepared with remedies to combat your common cold.

7.  Living Proof Restore Mask Treatment – i feel like i am always having problems with my hair: it’s breaking, it doesn’t grow fast enough, it’s not shiny and voluptuous. this hair mask treatment is great for those with dry or damaged hair. it heals, prevents and protects from further damage. my hair could definitely use a little extra tlc this season.

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