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Happy Hug Your Cat Day

photo (5)

june 4th, today is national hug your cat day. so if you have one of your own give ’em an extra squeeze and if you don’t just think about hugging one it’ll sure make you happy i promise, unless you’re allergic then it probably wouldn’t…

i for sure will be giving my little burton lots of extra love hugs today. yesterday he decided to go on a little kitty vacation. needless to say i was beside myself with worry. hours were spent scouring the neighborhood by not only me and my husband, but by some great friends as well. we appreciate all the help everyone provided in finding our sweet little boy. i am happy to say he did find his way back home later yesterday evening. of course it happened after the search party was gone and no one was “looking” or calling for him anymore. at which point i think he figured ‘oh crap they forgot about me, i gotta get home’. he ran right up the porch where we were sitting with the pup and wanted back inside the house. we spent all night snuggling. i don’t think he’ll be taking any more unannounced journeys in the near future (at least my fingers are crossed that he does not), he missed me (see photo above).


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