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i think it’s safe to safe that spring is finally making her way on over and planning on staying for a while (fingers crossed). although, it is still a little chillier out than i had hoped for this time of year, none the less, the days are getting longer and the sun is shining and i am okay with that. it’s bearable to be outdoors for more than a few minutes without having to run back inside, and dare i say there’s even been days i’ve gone without my jacket (for someone who is always cold, this is huge)!

i have been waiting for spring ever since winter was about a week in. much to my dismay i had to wait a long time. i’m not sure exactly why, but this winter was extremely hard for me. aside from the constant sub-zero temperatures and multiple polar vortexes, i found myself in a funk that i just couldn’t shake. i was tired all the time. i was unmotivated. and i lost sight of my goals and aspirations. on top of all that we had a shake up at work and i found myself in a new (better) position, which was very daunty and a little scary to say the least.

for those of you who are avid followers of my blog i’m sure you noticed (at least i hope you noticed) my almost 2 month absence. i struggled a lot with my blog during this time. i wasn’t doing anything exciting and i was at a loss for what to write about. what began as a compelling outlet and journey to document my life and thoughts became a chore. a day without posting turned into a week and a week turned to a month. once a few weeks went by the thought of jumping back in seemed so overwhelming and daunting. i didn’t know where to begin.

with the change of seasons comes a change of attitude and outlook on my life. much to my own delight, and i hope yours too, i am back. i come with new found dedication and motivation. i am just as excited about this blog as when i started it almost a year ago now. the last year has been full of so much joy i am excited to see where life takes me this next year.

what i’m looking forward to this spring:

gathering with friends and family
eating food fresh from the grill
wandering flea markets
purchasing fresh, local, fruits and vegetables from the farmer’s market
planting a garden
relaxing on the hammock
relishing in the warm weather
enjoying longer days and staying up later
adventuring with my family

i hope you all have a lovely weekend, the weather is looking to be fairly nice. enjoy it!

ps stop back soon to hear a special surprise!


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