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The Perfect Pear

this past weekend was bittersweet. i spent it celebrating one of my very best friends and the two beautiful twin boys she’s carrying in her tummy. her shower had a springy feel and centered around pears (like a pair (twins)…get it?). it was a wonderful day spent with wonderful people and i’m so happy i could be a part in celebrating with her, but also helping her prepare as well. i can not wait to meet those little bundles of joy this summer. it was bitter because in less than a week my dear friend is moving over 500 miles away and i will miss her terribly.

kate, i am beyond excited for you and ryan and the lives you have created together. i have had the privilege to call you my friend for the past 20 years and i can not wait to meet and be there for your boys. you have a kind heart and a beautiful soul; your boys are lucky to have you as their mama. i love you.

(sorry about the poor quality photos, i only had the trustly old iphone along)

^^^the day before we made dirt cake in little flower pots; they were delicious if i do say so myself

photo (1)
photo (2
photo (4
^^^seriously, could you get any more beautiful?

photo (3
^^^i am so sad this turned out so blurry. the spread was amazing and i was obsessed with those balloons

photo 5
^^^these three ladies have had a huge impact on my life over the last two decades and i love them all very much

photo (6


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