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Reading is Fun


those who know me know that i love to read. i love reading. it’s as simple as that. whether it be a biography, a magazine, or a new york times best seller more often then not you’ll find me with my nose in a book. those who know me also know that i’m quite a curious person by nature. i love to know everything (this may also explain my desire to continue my education even after i’ve just completed my graduate degree). some may think this is nosy, but i just like to know the facts and details. i like to be able to fully understand the world around me. i’m sure my husband becomes increasingly irritated with my continuous prodding for every small detail when he is telling me something, and i ever more annoyed with his inability to produce every bit of information word-for-word as he heard it (i’m sorry honey). and so that is the way i am. a young, curious, open-minded girl with the desire to read.

i’ve recently learned that i can borrow e-books from my local library. with the ease of a click and my kindle app on my iphone i can read wherever and whenever i want. to me this truly is the cherry on top of the sundae. 🙂

currently i have been reading waiting to be heard, a memoir by amanda knox recounting her days after being arrested for the murder of her roommate in perugia, italy. it’s a fascinatig read and i get lost in the case just as i did when it all started in 2007. there’s another fun fact about me, i’m very interested in criminal cases and often get obsessed with checking cnn whenever something big happens.

recently i discovered amazon’s 100 books to read in a lifetime. looking through the list there are a bunch of titles that i have already read once upon a time. however, i have given myself a challenge to see how many of these books (whether i’ve read them before or not) i can get through in the next year.

has anyone read any really good books lately?


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  1. What all biographies have you read similar to the Amanda knox book? I like the same kind of books you seem to and need some suggestions. Thanks

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