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Movies, Fake Hair, and More Winter

the weeks have been flying by. i can’t believe it is already march! and just like the weeks, the weekends that i so long for are gone in a blink of an eye as well. i always find myself wishing for just one more day. if only i had one more day i could get so much more accomplished. maybe i just need to work on prioritizing my time better. i wish monday mornings gave me that same elated feeling that friday afternoons bring. but let’s be honest they don’t and i don’t think they ever will.

this past weeekend was filled with a lot of relaxation and together time. it was nice to not be committed to going anywhere or doing anything. we watched a lot of movies this weekend. friday we had an early movie date to the theatre to see the monuments men (we thought it was ok), when we came home kyle prepared me dinner and we relaxed on the couch and watch captain phillips (we gave this movie two thumbs up, i definitely recommend it if you have not seen it). kyle is still quoting barkhad abdi’s “i’m the captain now“.

saturday was spent with friends and family. one of my longest and greatest friends finally came to see our home, she is pregnant with twin boys and i couldn’t be more excited for her. kyle’s mom and sister stopped by, and we topped off the night by heading down to my parent’s house for dinner, cards, and company. sunday was another day full of relaxation; we met my parents at the movies to see son of god (i enjoyed it), ran some errands, and spent some quality time together.

i am so incredibly grateful for simple moments like these; movies with my parents, chasing my niece around (she walks now!), couch time with my husband, twin boys,  and my grandpa in hair extensions (please see below).

photo (2)

on another note, i am terribly ready for spring it can stop snowing and being cold any day now…


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