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A Thought or Two


the purpose of this blog is to be used as an outlet for me to express myself; my thoughts and what’s going on in my life. first and foremost it is a place for me to reflect on my life and a place where i will be able to look back years from and remember what i was doing at any given point; second it is a place for all of you who are interested in hearing what i have to say. my blog is a place of positivity; now i’m not saying my life is perfect, but the things that i am choosing to share are just a small piece of my puzzle (not by any means does this mean my life is horrible either). however, this is also a place of honesty. and to be honest i’ve been feeling pretty crappy lately; down in the dumps if you will. it has been pretty apparent that my blog posts have become far and few between.  the truth is emotionally i’ve been in sort of a funk.  i’ve been down, depressed, and completely unmotivated. most days i want to go to bed right when i get home from work, and i probably would if going to bed at 5 pm 7 days a week was acceptable (and let me be the first to tell you it is not). what fun is sharing when you feel bad and have nothing fun to talk about…why have i been feeling like this lately?  you’re guess is as good as mine, however i’m about 98% sure that it has to do with the weather. the sub-zero, freezing temperatures the good ole polar vortex has been swooping in has left me angry, sad, and, well, cold. i’m tired of winter. i’m sick of the cold. i’m over the snow. and i’ve had it with the short, dark, gloomy days.

it was yesterday morning that i realized the sun came up earlier than i was used to. i didn’t have to turn on the bedroom light while getting ready for work anymore (but to my husband’s dismay i still did; sorry love).  as i was driving home from work last night it was apparent that the sun wasn’t going down as quickly as i’d grown accustomed to these last few months either.  despite the chill in the air and the snow still on the ground, and 38 more days until the official first day of spring, i felt my mood lift. there is a light at the end of my tunnel and i’m pushing towards it full force. i’m determined to pull out of my funk and i can slowly feel my energy, focus, and motivation seeping back in.

so to all of you with those wisconsin winter blue, you are not alone; keep your chin up, spring is near!


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