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Every Man a Wildcat

back in december i checked something off of my long list of things i want to accomplish in my lifetime:  i graduated with my master’s degree. after two and a half years of papers, research, message boards, and textbooks i walked across the stage at kansas state a little bit smarter and with a few more friends. i have to say i am extremely proud of myself and the accomplishments i have made in my education and i look forward to continue learning for the rest of my life. i do have to say, though, that even with all the years of schooling i have under my belt i still don’t know what i want to do when i “grow up”. someday i will figure it all out. i hope.

something that was extremely special to me was that both my parents and my husband were able to be there and watch me graduate. my mom, dad, husband, and myself took a long weekend roadtrip all the way from wisconsin to kansas. it was the first time the four of us took a long road trip together and i have to say it was a very nice time. having my family along made the trip a little vacation instead of just graduation.

while in kansas i took my family to my favorite bbq restaraunt, cox bros., they have the best mac n’ cheese i’ve ever had. thinking about it now is making my mouth water. before graduation on friday i took my family to the neighboring city of wamego where we visited the wizard of oz museum and winery. while it was my second time there, it was fun to be able to go through again with people who had never been before. and we did come back a few bottles of wine richer. we spent the rest of the weekend traveling back to kansas city, walking around the plaza, having dinner with a few of my classmates, and meeting my best friends parents (my second family) for lunch and wine tasting. if you’ve never been to cooper’s hawk winery in kansas city, it’s a must and you definitely need to try their winter red. yum.

all in all the trip was a success. i graduated. i got to spend time with my family. and i got to see old friends.

^^^i’m absolutley in love with the kansas state campus, the buildings are so beautiful.

^^^i’ll get you my pretty.

^^^i’m graduated!



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