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Christmas Delayed

i think it’s been pretty apparent that i’ve been on a little bit of a blogging hiatus. as things are finally starting to wind down from the holiday/birthday season and our home is finally finished painting (for now) and the upstairs is in complete livable condition i am finally feeling a sense of normalcy in my routine. although long overdue i wanted to share a few pictures from our 2013 christmas. christmas this year, although extremely busy and almost too much to handle, was a lot of fun and i really enjoyed myself. hopefully next year we’ll be able to spread out the holiday a little more in order to really relax and share quality time while making new memories with our family and friends.

^^^one of the reasons why i married him…he’s going to be a great dad
^^^we were absolutely spoiled this year. how beautiful is my parents tree?
^^^one of my favorite moments of christmas was watching all our nieces and nephew open up their presents. the joy and excitement only a child can have gets me every time
^^^the next generation
^^^our first married chritsmas together was a success by a longshot


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